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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Well, I hope you had a Happy New Year! We celebrated twice on New Year's Eve. Once with a kid party with games and free play, a fancy lunch of PBJ sandwiches, carrots, chips and capri sun drinks. We counted down at noon and shouted "Happy New Year". We called it our "Happy Noon Year Party". Ian had a blast and so did I.
In the evening we had munchies and played games on the Wii. We had picked up 2 new games the day before (Carnival games and Mario Kart). We got Mario Kart because Colin really wanted it and I had just received my $50 gift card that I won from Nabisco. Sure didn't take long to spend that!
Ian went to bed around 9 and I woke him up at a quarter to midnight so he could see the fireworks show at the Space Needle. We said "Happy New Year" and headed straight to bed after the fireworks show concluded.
Saturday Ian had his last basketball skill clinic and next week will start playing games. This should be interesting! We'll see if he likes the games as much as he liked the clinics. After basketball on Sat., we headed to the Washington State History Museum to see their model railroad displays. Wow! So many trains to see. Ian's favorite was the train set made of Legos and yes, it was powered, too! It was really cool. Because of that display we discovered that the man who owned the display has a Lego studio near the museum. He's a certified Lego artist (there are only six in the world) and he has the only Lego artist studio that is open to the public in the world. Did you catch that? There's only one in the WORLD and I live less than 2 hours from it! Unfortunately, it was closed when we got over there, but we were able to see some of his work and it was really cool! He had a Space Needle (made of Legos, of course) that was a little taller than me (5 ft.). We also saw a Statue of Liberty and lots of other cool things. Ian is already planning our return trip!
Today we taught Children's church, which went well. We talked about the story of Jacob and Esau and how Jacob tricked Isaac into giving him the blessing instead of his brother. After the story we played Bible Baseball with questions from the story. By the time we got home I was getting tired (I haven't been sleeping well lately) so after a few games with Ian on the Wii, I took a nap. When I woke up from my nap Colin showed me what had happened while I tried to sleep....2 inches of snow!! I am already tired of snow!! Later, it turned to freezing rain. I'm hoping it will get warm enough to just be rain so Colin has a safe trip into work tomorrow and doesn't have to worry about slipping and sliding!!