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Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have a booboo. I knew it was going to happen right before it happened and yet, I couldn't stop it. I was slicing ham with a very large knife (the biggest one I own) and thought 'that is going to hit my finger'...two seconds before it did. Why is it that you realize something bad is going to happen about one second after there was time to do anything about it? So I have a slice in my finger....a present from this year that I 'll still be healing from next year. :)


Boy am I tired this morning. The dog woke us up at 2:30, 4:30, 5 and 6. I'm not really sure why, but I know I don't like it. Kind of like having a toddler or baby around sleep.
Ian woke up with a drippy nose running full force so we are home this morning rather than spreading germs to 30 other 5 yr. olds. Ian, of course, was extremely disappointed to be stuck at home with all his new toys.
Speaking of new toys....he doesn't seem to be playing with them a whole lot right now. He's playing with the boxes they came in. Does that count?? Yesterday he was running around playing with his FP Little People School bus. Colin replaced the batteries in it(they needed to be replaced when Ian got it as a gift when he was 2). So it took a while to get to it. The point is, they got replaced. So Ian was thrilled to hear the sounds the bus made and was running it up and down the hallway all afternoon.
I am still stuck with Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes (red, itchy allergy eyes, it's just more fun to call them Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes, don't you agree?)
So, the last day of 2006. My goal is to stay up to 12:01, but after last night, we'll see how long I stay awake. Happy New Year everyone!

A New Year's Prayer

Dear Lord, please give me

A few friends who understand me and remain my friends;

A work to do which has real value,

without which the world would be the poorer;

A mind unafraid to travel, even though the trail be not blazed;

An understanding heart;

A sense of humor;

Time for quiet, silent meditation;

A feeling of the presence of God;

The patience to wait for the coming of these things,

With the wisdom to recognize them when they come.


- Unknown writer

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Where do I sign up to get credit?

You know what I wish? I wish you could get credit for thinking about people. You know, the ones that you mean to write to, but somehow never sit down with pen and paper and actually write something to them. You thought about how they were doing and you thought that you should write to them, it should count somehow. I think that we need a system where people could find out if you ever think about them. Perhaps not how many times you think about them(some people might be thinking stalkers then) and not what you're thinking about them(that could lead to all kinds of trouble), but a kind of chart you could check. Kind of like this: ....hmmm, yep, Zelda thought about me last Tuesday and today. She hasn't written in six years, but she thinks about me from time to time. See what I mean?
I also think that I should get credit for the Christmas cards that I addressed, but didn't mail because I got stuck at adding photos to my Christmas newsletter. Would people really mind getting a Christmas card in June? Really? I think it might be nice. Something like this:
Hey, honey I just got the mail. It's 102 out today. Oh, we got a Christmas card from the O'Neill's. Does it feel chilly in here?? Sort of like a Dec. breeze?
Well, maybe it wouldn't be exactly like that. Okay, probably nothing like that. If you get a Christmas card from me in June, could you please say those nice things?? Hey! Maybe if I try to send Christmas cards in June they'd be ready to send in December. It's a thought.

4 am

I was peacefully sleeping this morning when I heard Ian get up, open his door, go to the bathroom and return to his room. I was trying to return to my peaceful sleep when Lucy started moving around and then Colin got up and took her out to go potty. I thought the timing was interesting, but wanted to go back to sleep so I didn't say anything.
Around 8:30 this morning I asked Colin what was the deal with 4 am. He said that Lucy came over and put her head under his hand and started nudging. Smart dog. She's learning who to wake up in the early morning hours!

Friday, December 29, 2006


I forgot to mention this in my earlier post. I am officially taller. I was reviewing the print out from the doctor's office and it listed my height as 5'5. Amazing. Notice to everything in my kitchen that I previously couldn't reach: I still can't reach you. Ok, so it was a typo. I liked it, though. I'm still down here at 5 foot (5'1 on a good day..big hair or tall tennis shoes). *Sigh* It's fun to dream taller.

The weekend is here!

I survived Chuckie Cheese's. It actually was pretty laid back for a kid's birthday party. The kids had fun, we all got to dance with the actual Chuckie himself. That's right, Mr. Chuckie Cheese danced with all the kids and a few of the grown-ups (those who didn't care how much they embarrassed themselves), yes, I was one of them.
Ian had a great time and decided he wanted to use his tickets to buy something little that only took 2000 tickets..we brought them home to save for next time. I think he earned 40 tickets at the most.

This morning Ian decided he wanted Lucy to come out of mommy and daddy's bedroom to keep him company. I was still snuggled under the warm blankets. He tried calling her name, squeaking her toy, throwing her ball and making kissing noises. Nothing. She just stayed curled up on her blanket. Then I decided it was time to get up. Guess who else got up? That's right. Lucy. She wouldn't move for a five year old, but when mommy gets up, she's ready to go. She knows who gives the goodies in this house.

Last night we cleaned Ian's room. I know that sounds so simple, but in
truth, a barn would have been easier to clean. A really messy barn. It took at least two hours of two adults cleaning and a five year old picking up one item once an hour and then saying, "this is looking so much better". When we finished, I vacuumed. It was beautiful. The dog came in and walked around the room. She kind of looked at me and I know if she could talk she would have said, 'where did this come from? I've been here almost a month. I had no idea that this was a room. I thought it was a really big garbage can'. No wonder she chose our room to sleep in rather than Ian's.
Well that's it for now. I think Lucy needs some attention. She's come in here at least three times while I've been typing and stuck her nose under my wrist and then lifted her head up. Kind of hard to type with your hand in midair!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The last Thursday in 2006

Well today is the last Thursday of this year. I can't believe it's almost 2007. Today was a pretty normal day. It was cold out- 25 degrees this morning. I took a trip to the doctor to see why I still have an eye infection. It's allergies. No big shocker there. So they gave me the magic cure ( I hope) and sent me on my way.
Then it was on to lunch. Burgers at DQ. We took some lunch to my wonderful husband and we all shared lunch. Colin, Ian and me (DeAnn). Colin showed us his new cubicle at work and then we left to go to the pet store. The pet store was ok. We got the doggie brush for our wonderful Lucy and some poopie bags. Ian did a pretty good job not running around or misbehaving. That was reserved for someone else's children. Two little girls who were REALLY misbehaving. Ian stopped to look at a green toy bone on our way out and I thought the youngest little girl was going to growl at him. She had to slide over and touch it so Ian couldn't see it anymore. Lucky for me, Ian was ready to move on or we could have had a situation on our hands. Ian is very big on telling other kids what to do and telling them when they aren't being nice.
Then we headed home. A forty minute drive with itchy eyes. I was so happy when we pulled in our drivewa
Lucy was very happy to see us. She ran all over the living room and kitchen. Later I took her for a little walk in the cold.
That's pretty much it for today. Tomorrow should be exciting. Ian is going to his cousin's birthday party at Chuckie Cheese's. I wonder how many five and six year olds they invited???