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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time4Learning Review

So, as you may recall, we were trying out the online curriculum from Time4Learning.  We tested the material for one month free of charge (in exchange for an honest review).  After our trial period, we found that it was not a good fit for us.  The curriculum is pretty good, just not a fit.  I'll break it down in the pros and cons of the program.
Lots of resources
Easy tracking and grading of lessons
Lots of parent tools
Ready for you lesson plans
Can be used as curriculum or support lessons
Online access
You can start and stop whenever you choose

Cost - $19.95 a month (not a horrible price, but if you only use a little bit of the curriculum for support lessons, then the price is a little high)
Science curriculum is secular, not Christian - this really bugged my son
Online access (I know, I listed this as a pro, it's both really)  I can be bad about remembering to log in to things online, certainly not Time4Learning's fault, just a reality for our family. Plus, my son really missed physical books to hold and expressed that preference to me.

So, my overall opinion of Time4Learning is that it seems to be a solid curriculum.  It is not a Christian or Biblical based curriculum, which is more in line with what we teach in our home.  There are a lot of things to see and do at their site (I don't think I even got to half of it).  Even though there are several things that I really like about Time4Learning, it isn't the right fit for our family. My son just did not embrace the idea of doing school online. I want to thank Time4Learning for the opportunity to try out their program and I would recommend you look around their site and see what they offer, it might be a great fit for your family! - Online interactive curriculum for home use, PreK-8th Grade

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dial Kids Body Wash Review - Watery Melon scent

My son loves that I review products and test them out with our family. So, you can imagine how excited he was when I asked him if he would like to try out a kids product for me and give me his honest opinion!
We received a bottle of the ages 6 and up Watery Melon Dial Kids body + hair wash.  It didn't take much to convince my son to try it out the same night our bottle arrived, he was so excited (which is saying a lot for a preteen boy - he usually thinks being sent to take a shower is some sort of torture)!  After his shower, I asked him what he thought about the body wash.  He told me that he thought the Dial kids body wash got him "cleaner" than his other bath products.  I asked him what that meant and we finally got to the son thinks Dial Kids Body Wash rinses off much better than other products that he has used!  He also told me he loved the scent.  I have to agree, the Watery Melon smells great!  Some products smell a little "girly" for a preteen boy, but not this one.  It smells fresh and clean and it isn't overpowering.
Both my son and I give this product a big thumbs up!  We will definitely be buying this product as soon as we run out of the original bottle.  So, what are you waiting for, grab some Dial Kids body wash today!  Your kids will thank you!

All the opinions expressed here are my own (and my son's).  I was given a bottle of Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash from Purex Insiders to test and review.