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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's and All that Jazz!

Well, what do you know, it's still February and I'm writing again. Must be because a few people have wondered why I haven't blogged much lately. I'll tell you why...mostly no inspiration or the things on my mind weren't things I wanted to share on a blog!
So what's been happening in February? Well, Ian has had some appointments at the dentist to get some fillings. That has been interesting to say the least. First, I took him in for his appointment and the assistant swabbed the left side of Ian's mouth so it would be numb, but when the dentist came in, he put the shots on the right side of Ian's mouth. Ian is such a trooper, all he did was say "ouch, ouch ouch". He didn't wiggle or try to close his mouth or anything. Then, the dentist drilled on one tooth, looked at it and said it would need a baby root canal and filled it in and said we needed to go to a pediatric dentist for that and he didn't do anything else in Ian's completely numbed up mouth (he had 3 other teeth that needed fillings, too). Then when I was dealing with the office staff they told me I would have to take Ian to a pediatric dentist from now on because he wouldn't sit still(and it would be about a hour and a half or two hour drive from our house). I tried to talk to the girl, but it wasn't getting through, so I left, but called the office back within 5 minutes. It was crazy!
I had to take Ian back the next week and found out that you can't (with our insurance) go to a pediatric dentist for 1 procedure (which is what the dentist was trying to have us do). Ian got one filling done and still has appointments to get the other ones done.
I had to get my teeth cleaned this week and when I went in I found out that the dentist who saw Ian (he was pretty new, our other dentist had left to open his own office) wasn't with the group anymore and that a new dentist would be starting at the end of the week! What a crazy thing!
Today Ian had a Valentine party at Homeschool Sports. The teacher had announced the party and told kids to decorate a box for the Valentine's to go in. We were just going to decorate a bag, but Monday night when I was having a hard time sleeping I thought up an idea for a really cool box. A Vale-gator. A box that looks like an alligator with hearts to make the scales. It took a lot of work and running around to get supplies, but we did it. Ian helped put scales on (there were hundreds of them) and I helped with assembly and wrapping the box. He took it to the party today and it won the prize for the best Valentine box. I'll try to get a picture of it up soon. It's really cute.
So that's what's been going on around here...crazy projects and crazy dentists. Hope the new dentist is better.

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Yikes! That dentist stuff sounds like no fun.

Congrats on the Vale-gator. Cool!