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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Banana Bread

I have threatened/promised for months that I was going to make gluten free banana bread. The only problem with that (besides the fact that I hadn't found a recipe) was that my husband isn't picky about bananas, not at all. Me, I prefer my bananas with a touch of green left right after they've turned yellow. I can tolerate a few brown speckles on the banana, but past that I wait for it to get really brown for banana bread. I actually know someone who thinks that bananas are ready for banana bread when they start getting the brown freckles, but I know better than that, they need to be really brown almost black to make really good banana bread. My husband will eat them even when they're about to be black(yuck). Which leaves me with no bananas for banana bread, until today. I finally bought enough bananas that even my sweet, non-picky, banana eating hubby couldn't keep up and I found 4 ripe bananas sitting on the counter calling to me to make them into beautiful, delicious bread. So I did. I went online and googled gluten free banana bread recipes and found one I thought looked good and promptly changed it. I added banana, changed the flour, used a shortening/ earth balance combo instead of butter. Actually, during my search I came across banana bread recipes that used only one ripe banana. What's up with that? I like to KNOW there's banana in my bread, not just have a hint of banana. There's no doubt with this one, it uses 4 bananas.
My son and I just tried the finished results a few minutes ago and it's good. Both of us responded to the first bite with a soul satisfied uuuummmmmmm. That means, it's REALLY good! My son even helped me make this, what could be better? If you like banana bread, this recipe should satisfy your craving! Click on the name to go to the recipe: Gluten Free Banana Bread
Happy Eating!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Yes, four bananas are NECESSARY for good banana bread; I completely agree!