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Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, My Poor Neglected Blog

This poor little blog.  It's been sitting here, lonely, just waiting for me to share the culinary delights in our life.  There have been some delights, but mostly there's been a lot of little colds that my son and I have been passing back and forth between each other.  And soccer and life in general.  Life always interferes with my good intentions!  I must admit that this cold that I have is not really making me want to cook at all.  I'd rather sleep...when I can.  Usually, I'm just coughing and coughing if I try to sleep.  Not fun.
I have been keeping track of some yummy recipes for you, I promise.  I'll list a few that I want to share and I will try to get them posted soon.  I have a great recipe for Turkey salad (which would be perfect to use up some of those turkey leftovers next month).  I made a delicious Hamburger Goulash that my guys gobbled up.  I have a review of a Gluten and dairy free Ranch Dressing recipe and I know there are some other fun things in my notebook.  So check back later this week, hopefully, I will kick this cough and be back in action.
Until then...
Happy Eating!

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