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Friday, December 7, 2012

Purex with Oxi Review

In case you don't remember, I am a Purex Insider.  What does that mean?  It means from time to time, I get products from Purex to review!  A few weeks ago, a bottle of Purex with Oxi arrived on my doorstep.  Surprise!  A new product to review!
Normally, I use Tide, it's just what I've used for years and I like how it works and smells.  I always get Tide with bleach, so I figured that this was pretty close in comparison.
I used it and it compares pretty well in how clean it gets my clothes.  Only the scent is a little bit too flowery for me, but it's not bad.
Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Purex with Oxi.  If you're looking for a budget-friendly laundry detergent that compares to Tide with bleach, look no further, Purex with Oxi fits the bill!

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