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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Purex with Crystals Review

This is my latest Purex product to take for a test drive at my house.  As a Purex Insider member, they've been keeping me busy lately trying out new products.  Stay tuned for a review of Dial's new coconut water body wash and later, Dial's new kids body wash/shampoo!
So, in case you didn't know, my usual detergent is Tide with Bleach (although for now I've switched to Purex with Oxi) and I use Snuggle fabric softener.  I love the way my clothes look and smell with my usual products!  However, I am always happy to try new products and see if they work as well or maybe better.
I put Purex with Crystals to the test this past weekend.  We were behind in doing laundry (I know you're shocked, but it's okay - everyone gets behind once in a while and if they don't, well, I don't want to know about it).  The first load I tried with the Purex w/ Crystals was a load of white clothes (undershirts, socks, unmentionables, etc.).  Everything came out super clean, no dull looking undershirts or socks and the biggest thing - NO STATIC CLING!!!  None! Zip! Zero!  Plus, it all smelled great, too!
The second load was a load of jeans and dark shirts.  Once again, the results were fabulous!  Soft, great smelling clothes and no static cling (again).  The only funny thing that happened was my husband saw me put the detergent in with the load of laundry and then start to close the lid and wondered why I wasn't putting in any fabric softener!
So, I liked the Purex with Crystals.  I'm not sure it would be the detergent I would switch to from my normal detergent, but I know it would be great to have my husband or son use this when they do laundry because fabric softener is usually what they forget!  Overall, this does the job well and smells great!

Now for the legal mumbo jumbo:
I received a bottle of Purex with Crystals from Purex for the sole purpose of trying out their product and then writing an honest review.  All opinions stated here are my own and if you want to form your own opinion of Purex with Crystals - go to the store and get it - it's a great product and priced affordably!

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