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Monday, March 2, 2009

Delight in the Lord

I remember when I was a little girl and my dad would come home from work. I was so excited for him to be home! I would run to the door to see him and give him a hug and see if he had anything special for me. Ian did the same thing to Colin when he was little (he still does once in a while).
My niece on the other hand, always ran and hid when her daddy came home. Not because he was mean or anything...just so he would look for her. I still prefer the running to Daddy.
I think we do the same thing to God. We either run to Him or we run from Him. Adam and Eve did both. When they were right with God they eagerly awaited time with Him. After they sinned, they hid from Him. There's nowhere to hide from an omniscient God, but they tried and so do we at times.
How much more enjoyable is it to be in fellowship with God and have a right relationship where we run to Him out of love and joy instead of desperately running to him to fix what we've messed up.
We are supposed to delight in the Lord. How much more do we delight in other things? Delight in our family, our job, our friends, there is so much that we delight in, but so often we spend our time with the things and not with God and we cheat ourselves of true delight.
You might notice that the name of my blog has changed. There's a reason for that. I feel the need for this blog to be bigger, to focus on more than just me. I have a desire for this blog to be a delight. To give glory and honor to God. So I will still post stories and share, but hopefully, there will also be some devotions and insight along with the stories. I hope you will join me as I seek to delight in the Lord.