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Monday, March 16, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

Just in case you were wondering how my last story gave glory to God or delighted in him, I'll remind you that I did say that I would still share stories. That being said, I find much delight in my last story.
God provided that big goofy dog for our family (she was born on the same day that Ian accepted Jesus as his savior, when we didn't even know we would be looking for a dog). I know that God has a sense of humor or he never would have made Dilly. She is huge, but afraid of things like laundry baskets and big objects being carried through the house. Don't pick up and move a chair in our house unless you want to see a 60 lb. dog run like a chicken! She's also afraid of the vacuum cleaner!
She has provided our family with much laughter and an unconditional love that's so sweet. It's nice to have something love you just because you are you and that's what she does for our whole family. So when I share a funny story about Dilly or Buster or anyone in my family, I am giving glory to God because without him, they wouldn't be here!

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