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Monday, May 3, 2010

Product Review: Chicken Italian Sausage

I guess by now it should be obvious that sausage is popular at our house (especially if you look at my last post prior to this one). Maybe we can blame it on my husband's Austrian heritage. His aunt and uncle even own a little restaurant at the Olympia Farmer's Market called the Bavarian Wurst (devoted to selling all kinds of delicious brats and sausage, click the link and you'll even see a picture of my hubby's aunt and her daughter, his cousin). I think this theory might have some weight to it...well, if he did the shopping, but since I do the shopping, I think it's safe to say, we just love sausage!
Now that our diet is different, we also find it necessary to watch out for nitrates and nitrites (they can give us headaches if we aren't careful), so we look for sausages that don't contain those ingredients. Once again, we find Isernio's sausage fits the bill. Their products are also hormone and antibiotic free, which makes me very happy to see!
This time we tried the Chicken Italian sausage. I'd heard about it, but I hadn't seen it in the stores before, but I found it at Fred Meyer's in Lacey and it was at least a dollar cheaper than the other stores where I had purchased the pork Italian sausage before (the pork and chicken sausages were the same price at Freddy's). I made the New York Style Italian sausage stir fry that I blogged about previously, adding chopped zucchini to the mix. Overall, we really liked the sausage. I still prefer the pork, but I like that it's chicken because sometimes pork can make me feel tired or achy. I know we'll be getting product again and again...I told you, sausage is popular around here!
Happy Eating!

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