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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crazy Busy

As the title suggests, it has been a crazy, busy week! Both Ian and I were at Summer Hummer Monday through Friday from a little before 8 to around 5:30 (we had to wait for Colin). Every day was so busy that the time flew! I was so tired yesterday that we didn't even stay for family night.
This morning I hosted my grand opening for my new At Home America business. I invited loads of people, but it's summertime. Most people wished me well, but were somewhere on vacation this weekend or packing to go on vacation. Hopefully, I can get a couple of parties going this next week or so.
Tomorrow we have a BBQ/picnic at the church we've started visiting. I'm excited! Hopefully, we'll meet people that live closer to us.
I hope this made sense tonight, I'm so tired that my thoughts are a bit jumbled.

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