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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary (not!)

I am not happy about the anniversary in my life at the moment. Every year for at least the past 4 yrs (this year is #4) I have been hit with a sinusitis attack. Usually the second or third week of July. I tried really hard this year, but I did not escape. I spent most of the week sleeping, blowing my nose and taking antibiotics. I did wake up feeling a little better this morning, so I'm hoping that I'm on the way to being well again.
Today I took over some At Home America catalogs to my friend Dottie so she can do a catalog party. Hopefully, it will go well for her! I finally convinced her to go camping at Friend's Landing (about 5 min. from our house) and now she loves it! It's a really small camping park, but it's super nice. It was made so it would be handicap accessible so the trails are paved and so are the RV pads. Plus it's in between a river and a man made lake....beautiful!
I am trying to keep busy even though I haven't been feeling well. I've mostly been working on getting things going with my new business. I placed my first party order on Thursday and only needed a little bit of help. Now all I need is to get some more people lined up to host some parties....wanna throw a party for me??? :)

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