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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Boy am I tired this morning. The dog woke us up at 2:30, 4:30, 5 and 6. I'm not really sure why, but I know I don't like it. Kind of like having a toddler or baby around sleep.
Ian woke up with a drippy nose running full force so we are home this morning rather than spreading germs to 30 other 5 yr. olds. Ian, of course, was extremely disappointed to be stuck at home with all his new toys.
Speaking of new toys....he doesn't seem to be playing with them a whole lot right now. He's playing with the boxes they came in. Does that count?? Yesterday he was running around playing with his FP Little People School bus. Colin replaced the batteries in it(they needed to be replaced when Ian got it as a gift when he was 2). So it took a while to get to it. The point is, they got replaced. So Ian was thrilled to hear the sounds the bus made and was running it up and down the hallway all afternoon.
I am still stuck with Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes (red, itchy allergy eyes, it's just more fun to call them Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes, don't you agree?)
So, the last day of 2006. My goal is to stay up to 12:01, but after last night, we'll see how long I stay awake. Happy New Year everyone!

A New Year's Prayer

Dear Lord, please give me

A few friends who understand me and remain my friends;

A work to do which has real value,

without which the world would be the poorer;

A mind unafraid to travel, even though the trail be not blazed;

An understanding heart;

A sense of humor;

Time for quiet, silent meditation;

A feeling of the presence of God;

The patience to wait for the coming of these things,

With the wisdom to recognize them when they come.


- Unknown writer

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