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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Where do I sign up to get credit?

You know what I wish? I wish you could get credit for thinking about people. You know, the ones that you mean to write to, but somehow never sit down with pen and paper and actually write something to them. You thought about how they were doing and you thought that you should write to them, it should count somehow. I think that we need a system where people could find out if you ever think about them. Perhaps not how many times you think about them(some people might be thinking stalkers then) and not what you're thinking about them(that could lead to all kinds of trouble), but a kind of chart you could check. Kind of like this: ....hmmm, yep, Zelda thought about me last Tuesday and today. She hasn't written in six years, but she thinks about me from time to time. See what I mean?
I also think that I should get credit for the Christmas cards that I addressed, but didn't mail because I got stuck at adding photos to my Christmas newsletter. Would people really mind getting a Christmas card in June? Really? I think it might be nice. Something like this:
Hey, honey I just got the mail. It's 102 out today. Oh, we got a Christmas card from the O'Neill's. Does it feel chilly in here?? Sort of like a Dec. breeze?
Well, maybe it wouldn't be exactly like that. Okay, probably nothing like that. If you get a Christmas card from me in June, could you please say those nice things?? Hey! Maybe if I try to send Christmas cards in June they'd be ready to send in December. It's a thought.

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