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Friday, December 29, 2006

The weekend is here!

I survived Chuckie Cheese's. It actually was pretty laid back for a kid's birthday party. The kids had fun, we all got to dance with the actual Chuckie himself. That's right, Mr. Chuckie Cheese danced with all the kids and a few of the grown-ups (those who didn't care how much they embarrassed themselves), yes, I was one of them.
Ian had a great time and decided he wanted to use his tickets to buy something little that only took 2000 tickets..we brought them home to save for next time. I think he earned 40 tickets at the most.

This morning Ian decided he wanted Lucy to come out of mommy and daddy's bedroom to keep him company. I was still snuggled under the warm blankets. He tried calling her name, squeaking her toy, throwing her ball and making kissing noises. Nothing. She just stayed curled up on her blanket. Then I decided it was time to get up. Guess who else got up? That's right. Lucy. She wouldn't move for a five year old, but when mommy gets up, she's ready to go. She knows who gives the goodies in this house.

Last night we cleaned Ian's room. I know that sounds so simple, but in
truth, a barn would have been easier to clean. A really messy barn. It took at least two hours of two adults cleaning and a five year old picking up one item once an hour and then saying, "this is looking so much better". When we finished, I vacuumed. It was beautiful. The dog came in and walked around the room. She kind of looked at me and I know if she could talk she would have said, 'where did this come from? I've been here almost a month. I had no idea that this was a room. I thought it was a really big garbage can'. No wonder she chose our room to sleep in rather than Ian's.
Well that's it for now. I think Lucy needs some attention. She's come in here at least three times while I've been typing and stuck her nose under my wrist and then lifted her head up. Kind of hard to type with your hand in midair!

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