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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Last MOPS

One of my friends wanted to know why this was going to be my last MOPS meeting, so I thought I'd explain here, just in case anyone else was wondering. I know, I know, some of you know exactly why this is my last MOPS meeting. So you can skip reading this, or just read it because you have nothing better to do at the moment, your choice. On with the answer.
To start: MOPS stands for Mother Of PreSchoolers. It is an international organization whose goal is to help moms and to spread the gospel. There are MOPS groups all over the US and abroad as well. You can look up a MOPS group in your neighborhood at MOPS is run entire by mothers of preschoolers. It's sponsored usually by a church,but run exclusively by mommies.
I said I had been attending for 5 1/2 yrs.,but I think it's closer to six. My first year, I went just as a mommy to attend the meetings. My 2ND, 3rd and 4Th years I was a table leader and my 5Th year I was the table leader coordinator on the steering committee. This year, I attended just as a mommy again, kind of a full circle thing, I guess.
Alas, as it is with most good things, at some point they must come to an end. As of this year I will no longer be considered a mother of a preschool aged child. Ian will be in 1st grade next year and the age limit is birth-kindergarten. So I am "graduating" I guess you might say. It's been a great experience, I've learned a lot, made new friends, grew.
I could always help out with the Moppets program or return in a few years (read 10 or more) as a mentor mom. So there you have a very long explanation for a very simple question. Check out's really cool!

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