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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Squeeze

Have you ever planned your week, had it mapped out, down to the finest detail? I'm talking about one of those weeks where every day has several activities for multiple members of your family. You know the kind of week I'm talking about. Busy and no room for flexing. Kind of like this week for me. I had each day planned. Especially Thursday. That's the day I'm doing a craft workshop at 7 pm in a town 40 miles away. Before I do that, Ian has tumbling from 3:30-5pm. I had it planned, childcare figured out, my ducks in a row. Then it happened. The squeeze. The phone call that set creative juggling into motion.
Ian and I were reading together when the phone ran. I wanted to finish what I was doing and judging by the time of day, I assumed it was Colin and I could call him back. I assumed wrong.
It was Ian's T-ball coach calling to let us know that Thursday night at 6:15 pm they were going to have team pictures and get their uniforms for Saturdays game. Panic set in. Anger,(I never take classes, why does this have to be on the same night?) I called Colin. We tried to think creatively. Colin thought 'maybe our neighbors could take him and watch him for a few minutes until he got home'. Nope, not a good choice, they're in their eighties and we don't know them THAT well. Next idea: I could buy a jet. I'd be able to make it to both things, no sweat. Nope, I don't know how to fly a jet and with gas prices, I'd have to sell the house to fuel up the tank.
Then Colin said "I'd have to leave work really early to be home in time to take Ian to that."
Then I thought, 'I wonder just how early, he'd really have to leave?' Oh , I said it out loud, too! So I checked and it wasn't too bad. He'd have to leave around 3:15 and he'd be home by 5 pm. I could drop them off and they could ride their bikes home, unless it's raining and then, hopefully they can beg a ride home from the coach or some other sympathetic soul.
So I think we've managed to squeeze it in as long as Colin's work approves the early leave. Hopefully, no one else will call and try to add another event to this week. If they do, we'll wow them with our creative thinking!

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