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Saturday, May 19, 2007

T-ball Opening Ceremony

Well, Ian has his first t-ball game today at 1:00. This morning we had the opening ceremony at 10:30. We got there a little early. Good thing we did, they started a few minutes early! They sang the National anthem and the boys got to learn that they take their hats off when that is sung. Then they introduced the teams. They introduced the kids just a little bit older than Ian's group first and then they got to the t-ball teams.
Each player was introduced individually by their coach and they ran either to home plate or first base (depending on what their coach had told them) and stopped and waited for the whole team and then they would leave as a team. Well, Ian was the first player introduced on his team. He ran from the field to home plate. He paused just a second and as the next player is being introduced, he ran to first base, paused a second and ran to second base and third and home again. I think there were two or three other players on home plate by this time. He definitely made us chuckle and I heard a few other chuckles from the crowd. It was pretty cute. Leave it to my son to do something not quite right, but totally adorable!

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