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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not Allergies, Strep

Well, yesterday I found out that one of the little boys that I nanny has strep throat. Which means that I was exposed to strep last Wednesday(he was home from school). When I heard that I had a sneaking suspicion that my "allergy problem" might be strep. This same little boy gave me strep in November and I ended up missing Thanksgiving. The last time I thought I had a sinus infection and waited too long to check with the Dr. It took me almost a month to get over that.
So based on my previous experience and the fact that my throat had been hurting off and on (and it really felt crummy this morning), I made an appointment to see my family doctor to get tested for strep.
The nurse took down all my information about what symptoms I had been having and of course the fact that I had been exposed to strep.
The doctor came in took a look at my info, my throat, my nose and said "We don't need to bother with the test, I'll get you started on an antibiotic right away."
So I am supposed to rest, rest, rest and drink plenty of fluids. Hopefully, I will be well, well, well very soon.
We also took Ian to see the doctor about his lingering cough, but he said that Ian just has a cold and should be getting better soon. I hope he's right. My parents are coming to visit in less than two weeks and I don't want to be sick when they're here!

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