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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sick Doggie

Lucy has been sick lately. She hadn't been eating very well, which isn't that unusual for her. She developed a stuffed up nose. Then she stopped eating and drinking. We decided it was time for her to go see the vet.
This meant we had to find a new vet as I vowed never to go back to the one that tried to send us to the doggie cardiologist last year. I made some phone calls and found a vet that could see her right away in Elma.
I had to help Lucy in and out of the van as her back legs are pretty weak. I took her into the clinic and they looked at her right away. She most certainly has a sinus infection so they prescribed an antibiotic. The vet thought she looked closer to 12 or 15 rather than the 5-8 the animal shelter and other places had told us. He also couldn't hear any heart murmur! How crazy is that? I still think it might have been her dog food. If the dog food could make her incontinent why couldn't it mess with her heart?
Anyway, she's had two doses of antibiotic and she has started drinking water again and she's nibbled at some turkey. She needs to start eating better. Poor thing, she's a skinny dog to begin with, this doesn't help that at all.
Hopefully, she will start doing better soon. We're leaving for Hawaii in a week and our neighbor is going to watch her. I don't want her to be sick while our neighbor watches her.

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