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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Field Trip

Yesterday we went on a field trip. We rode the train from Olympia, WA to Portland, OR. Then we rode a bus a few blocks and then got on the MAX which is a light rail (sort of like an above ground subway). We rode the MAX to the Oregon Zoo. We had lunch at the zoo and then we rode a train around the zoo. It was a nice zoo. We didn't make it to all the exhibits and some of them were closed, but we had a good time. It was such a pretty day (probably 70 or 75 degrees) that a lot of the animals were out playing. We saw so many animals! I took lots of pictures (okay, 271 pictures) although a lot of them were just of Colin or Ian. We saw tigers, lorikeets, meerkats, zebras, hippos, elephants, penguins, naked mole rats (boy, those aren't attractive at all), elk, gazelles, sun bears (I got a cute picture of those). Just lots and lots of animals. Right now Ian is playing with his baby emperor penguin that he bought in the gift shop. He named it Mingkin or Mincoln, depending on how we decide to spell it. Basically, it's like Lincoln, but with a 'm'. Ian named him, but he keeps forgetting what he named him. So he keeps asking me 'what is the baby penguins name again?'
Hopefully, I'll have some good pictures to put on here soon!

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hAwAii mOnEy sAvInG mAmA said...

Hi Deann! Don't you LOVE the flexibility of homeschooling field trips?! =) I'm a homeschooler and scrapbooking mom too! =) Thanks also for the great website links that you commented on my blog! Take care!