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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tales From Our Trip Continued

So where was I? Oh yes, you were waiting with bated breath to hear about the next days of our trip.
Day 4: This was Sunday, so we had a little church service in our cabin. We sang songs, Bob read a story from the Bible and we prayed. Later we headed over to Wild Basin and hiked to a waterfall. A real waterfall, not a wimpy waterfall like what I hiked to in Hawaii. This one was very powerful and swift.
Day 5: Bob took us all into Rocky Mountain National Forest and drove us up Trail Ridge Road (okay, I'm pretty sure about the name of the road, but I could be off a little bit, just go with it for the sake of the story). I don't remember the exact elevation (perhaps because the altitude sickness kicked back in), but it was high. Well over 10,000 feet. I'm thinking close to 14,000, but I can't be sure. By the way, did you know altitude sickness can make you very cranky, besides feeling lightheaded, headachy and breathless?? We found out about the cranky very quickly. All 10 of us started getting cranky, so we decided it was time to head to a lower elevation. So we headed to Never Summer Ranch which is in a valley and we got out and hiked a half mile with the hot sun beating down on us. Ian started throwing a fit and I ended up forcing him to drink some water and even poured a little down his shirt (he had a sweatshirt on, which was way too hot for the area we were now in). I think he was getting heat exhaustion and dehydrated. He got very angry with me for getting his shirt wet, but within minutes of doing that, he completely calmed down and returned to being a happier boy. I, on the other hand, ended up with a very sunburned scalp. Should have been wearing a hat!
Day 6: We lay low for the morning. Played a few games and in the afternoon we headed into Estes Park to do the tourist thing. Walked around, shopped, got ice cream for the kiddos and some of the big kids, too. Colin, Ian and I saw some people walking around with old fashioned photos and we decided we had to do that. Colin and I had one done on our first anniversary when we were in Victoria, so we really wanted one that you could see Ian in (note, I did not say that we didn't have one without Ian, he was there, you just couldn't see him. I think I was almost 4 months pregnant when we had the first old fashioned photo taken!)
So Colin and Ian dressed up like guys from the old west and I got to put on a hat with some big feathers and an old fashioned dress. It was a hoot and we got a pretty neat picture for a souvenir.
I had wanted to play miniature golf when we finished shopping, but by the time we finished shopping, we were all tired and ready to head back to the cabin for some much needed rest.
Okay, that should hold you for a bit. I'll write more later.

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