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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dr. DeAnn

Well I had to go back to the doctor this week as I was still in pain. Two whole weeks of pain. Let me tell you, it's not fun.
I had called in to talk to the consulting nurse and she wanted me to be seen right away. She said my symptoms sounded like kidney stones. Colin had taken the van downtown to meet the bus, so I begged a ride from a neighbor to get the van so I could make it to an afternoon appointment with my doctor. I almost requested a different doctor, but I didn't.
So I made it to my doctor appointment and it was very frustrating. I explained that the pain seemed deeper than just some back muscles and that it had moved (it started on the left, but now it was mostly on the right and sometimes on both sides). My doctor was still talking like it was my back. Hello?!! Is anyone listening???? Obviously, my doctor was not. I explained that it didn't feel like a sprain. He asked if I thought it might be my Hodgkin's coming back. Hmmmm...who is the doctor here? Aren't there tests that would tell you exactly what is going on?
Finally he said 'I suppose it could possibly be your kidneys' and he ordered a test for that. He also ordered physical therapy for my back and an MRI of my spine. Still stuck on the back sprain!
Yesterday I got an email from my doctor saying that there was some bacteria growing from my test. I have a bladder infection, maybe a kidney infection, too. I'm now on an antibiotic and I'm having an ultrasound to look for kidney stones next Friday.
So it looks like I was right about it not being my back and my doctor was wrong. He sure didn't listen very well and didn't take measures to rule out other possibilities. So just call me Dr. DeAnn. I diagnosed this one better than my soon to be gone doctor (he's moving his practice to another town, thankfully).

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Bob said...

Well, Dr DeAnn good job on diagnosing your illness. Hope that is all it is.

I noticed I had a link to your blog on my favorites. I thought I had lost it.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you we went to Wyatt's wedding today. Wyatt looked very happy. His bride Jessica looked like a real sweet gal. She has a very cute son who is 3. Wyatt is very good with kids, so I think he will be a great dad for the little guy.

We saw Jan and her boyfriend. They looked really good. I did not get to talk much to them, but mom talked Jan's boy friend's ear off. Sorry, I can never remember his name.

I saw Marvin and his new wife. They look real cute together. Marvin was holding her hand as they came down the isle at the wedding.

Andy looks like Jim. Kelly looks like Gail.

When I got to the wedding I saw a couple of boys about Andrew's age. It seemed that they should be Wyatt, Jeff, and Andy. It was pretty weird to see them all grown up and married with kids. I think I am getting old.

The wedding was short, but neat. The reception was in a tent north of the house, and the had some good BBQ, and lots of beer. No I did not drink any. We wanted to stay later, because they were having a live band and Becca wanted to dance with me, but Andrew got too hot(heat index was over 100 at 11:00 today) and we needed to get back for church tomorrow.

All in all it was a very good day. On the way home I thought a lot about when we were kids, and about Grandma and Marvin and Gail and Jan. It was neat, but also a little regret that I did not reach out to the family more than I did.

Oh, almost forgot! Bill Lockwood was there. I figured he would be. I saw him, and did not know for sure if was him or not, until he started talking. Then there was no mistaken. Same old Bill. As we were leaving, he had put away a few already, and he was singing some silly song to one of the brides maids. Part of me wanted to stick around and see what entertainment he might bring before the night was over, but no such luck.

Anyway thought I would update you on the day.