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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tales From our Trip: The Final Chapter- Almost

Well, I'd better finish this before I forget the details!
Day 7: Let me start by saying I think this was my favorite day of the whole trip. The whole day was orchestrated by God's hand, I'm certain of it.
This was originally going to be a day where Colin went on a huge hike with my brother and his family (we're talking at least 3 hrs. up a mountain), but Colin had been on so many hikes already that we decided we'd like to go back into Estes Park and play some Miniature Golf. I had spotted a place where it cost only $2.50 a game. Well, you get what you pay for. The place was pretty old. They took care of the real grass and the flowers, but the carpet for the golf was bumped up in places and it made the game a little harder than it should be!
We had fun anyway! It was sunny and warm and we could smell some yummy BBQ the whole time we played. The lady that was working at the golf place took a shine to Ian. She gave him some tips as we went along and laughed when Ian got super excited. We finally made it to the last hole, where we could win a free game if we made a hole in one. Rats, we all missed. Only, here came the lady, who kept giving Ian another golf ball to try again for the free game. She must have given him five balls. He missed every time. The man that worked there was started to get frustrated with the lady (me, too, I was hot and ready to go). The lady laughed and told us 'we never do this' as she gave Ian another ball. Finally, I just had to say it was time to go. Since it was lunchtime and we were hungry, we followed our noses to the BBQ place. Smokin' Dave's BBQ. Yum-um. I'd go there every week if it were near me. Delicious! Our food took a while to get (probably because none of us ordered the BBQ meat, we all ordered things that had to be cooked after we ordered). It was worth the wait, though. Colin had a Buffalo Stack (two buffalo burgers, sauteed mushrooms and onions, a special sauce, tomato..I can't remember what else, but I got a bite or two and it was super yummy). I had a grilled chicken sandwich and Ian had chicken strips. We all had fries, which they make there...yum again!
After the BBQ, we headed to downtown Estes Park so we could replace a toy for Ian. He had just purchased it the day before, but it had fallen and broke. We had purchased it at the Colorado Homestead Store, so we headed back there again. As soon as we got there, Ian announced he had to go to the bathroom. This meant walking all the way back past way we had parked our van. We quickly paid for the toy and Colin gave Ian a piggyback ride to the bathroom. I had opted to stay at the store, but soon realized I needed to find the bathroom soon, too. So I was about a half a block behind Colin and Ian. Not close enough to tell Colin I was right behind him or close enough for him to notice I was back there. I was close enough to see them go into the building before I got there. Of course, we completely missed each other, so I called Colin on his cellphone to see where he was. He started explaining where he was, then said something I couldn't understand and then said, 'just get over here!'
So I hurried over to where Colin was and was surprised to see who was with him. His cousin, Chris! Chris is from out here in Washington, but lately he's been in Mexico and New Mexico. I think he's been on an extended vacation. You never know where he is (he's also an MRI tech and travels with his job, filling in for 3 months at a time all over the US). Chris and his girlfriend, Linda had just gotten into Estes Park. They were staying at a hostel, but couldn't check in until 3, so they were exploring the town. I guess Linda had a friend getting married in Boulder the coming weekend. We talked to them a while and walked around. I took pictures to prove we really did run into each other over 1000 miles from home!
So now you can see why I said God orchestrated this day. We weren't supposed to be in Estes Park according to the plans we had made. Ian's toy broke or we probably wouldn't have gone downtown and everywhere we went, things took just a little longer than they should have and we didn't leave the cabin as early as we had wanted to!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Yay for God!

PS> I really like the family picture you put up. It's nice to see you all together. :-)