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Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Dog

Lately, I've been noticing that my dog is big. Okay, I noticed a while ago, but her new habit just proves it even more. Dilly has decided since the living room furniture is no longer cluttered with stuff she would like to use it. Big deal, you say? Most dogs jump on the furniture once in a while? Well, Dilly doesn't jump on the furniture...she sits on it. Yes, you read that right. My dog is so big that she sits on the furniture. Especially our ottoman. That silly dog walks right over to the ottoman (she's tall enough that her belly is over the ottoman) and she plunks her booty down on the ottoman. She even put her hind legs on the ottoman. Note, I said her hind legs. This is her trick to try and get away with this. Only her hind legs and booty are on the ottoman, her front legs remain on the ground at all times making it appear that she might just be really close to the ottoman, but not really on it.
She doesn't fool me! I know she's on that ottoman!! She is very unrepentant of this behavior. When I tell her to get off or go, she just looks at me like I must be nuts. She doesn't want to move. Several times this week I have reprimanded her and the only way she would move was if I started to get up to physically move her. Then, she reluctantly saunters off with a glance that says 'I'll be back'. What a naughty girl!!
I guess that's how you know if you have a big dog or not. If they can sit on your furniture...they're BIG!

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