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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mom's Got All The Answers

I'll admit that sometimes I've got some pretty good answers for all of Ian's questions. He has a lot of them. I'll also admit that some of my answers don't really make a lot of sense if I stop and think about it. Especially when I'm tired.
Today I was very tired, but it was the night to sign up for AWANA so we headed to the big town and I picked up Colin and we headed to dinner. We ended up at the mall where we could make our choices for dinner. Colin went to Charlie's Subs and Ian and I ended up going to Thai Way for, of course, Thai food. So we were standing in line waiting, watching the lady in front of us order three dinners to go wiping out most of what was in the warmer trays...when Ian asked me "Where is Thai food from?" This is what popped out of my mouth...."Taiwan.............uh, what did I say? Uh, I mean Thailand" Hopefully, no one there heard me say that, although one of the cooks looked kinda smiley after I said that, but I couldn't be sure.
Of course, then Ian wanted to know where Thailand was, so I told him it was in Asia. So he asked me if it was close to Russia and I told him, no China is close to Russia, but Thailand is a more tropical Asian location. At least that answer made more sense than Taiwan, I honestly don't know where that came from, but it certainly proved that I really was tired!

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amiablerain said...

awww youre a good ma to answer his questions.Bles your heart.
I got my son this dora globe game that teaches the continents.