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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Regarding Henry

A simple letter sent my day into sadness today. I received a letter from Group Health (Colin opened it thinking it was a bill) telling me that I needed to choose a new OB/GYN due to the unexpected death of my current OB, Dr. Henry Drygas. I had no idea that he had passed. I haven't been to Group Health since August. He passed away September 3rd, 27 days shy of his 61st birthday. I will really miss him.
Dr. Drygas made me feel instantly at ease when I had visits with him. I never felt nervous or self conscious around him, which says a lot about him since going to see an OB/GYN isn't usually a joy for women!
I met Dr. Drygas around Aug. 2000, when I was pregnant with my son, Ian. I was considered a high risk pregnancy, so I was assigned to Dr. Drygas. I saw him and some of the other docs in his office a lot during my pregnancy. He didn't get to deliver Ian because Ian decided to be born on the weekend when Dr. D wasn't on call.
I do remember him coming to see me in the hospital to talk me into getting a spinal patch (I'd had a botched epidural and they'd leaked spinal fluid, I had a horrible headache). I had already decided to get it, so he just stayed and chatted for a while.
I just saw Dr. Drygas the end of July or 1st of August. It's hard to believe he's gone. I know I'm not the only one who'll miss him. He was loved by his patients. He left some big shoes to fill. Farewell, Dr. Drygas, we'll miss you.

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