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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poor Piccadilly

Piccadilly (Dilly) is a happy camper at this very moment. She is rolling around on my carpet trying to make herself stinky again.
I had noticed the last couple of days that she was really biting at herself. I thought she might have hot spots like Lucy had so I gave her a baked potato the other day. She appreciated the thought, but it didn't stop the biting. Tonight I was petting her when I saw a big, fat, nasty flea. For me to see a flea on Dilly's back is a very big deal because she has a thick, wiry, curly black coat. I shouldn't have been able to see anything. Unfortunately, I did. So even though it was already 11, Dilly got a bath. She was happy to come into the bathroom with me until she figured out what I intended to do. Then she tried to dog those long black toenails into the floor. It did her no good, I was determined, so my big dog got half plunked, half shoved into the bathtub where she tried to escape twice and then, halfway through realized she wasn't going to get away, so she sat down in the tub. Just sat right down, still covered in soap. It didn't speed up the process any, but at least she wasn't trying to escape.
So now she's clean and relatively flea free. She even smells nice (although I'm sure she doesn't think so). I think she has decided that whenever she gets a bath she is extra pretty...she sure acted like it after this bath! Dancing around and sitting there looking at me like 'aren't I cute?'. Yup, she's cute!

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