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Monday, November 3, 2008

Cooking Day

Today turned out to be a kind of cooking day for me. The cooking started yesterday when I peeled tons of apples (enough to fill up my crockpot) and started a batch of apple butter. I love homemade apple butter! It makes my house smell so yummy.
The apple butter was done this afternoon so I canned most of it. I had a little left that wasn't enough to fill a canning jar full, so that went into the fridge.
I had also promised Colin I would make brirocks, which are rolls stuffed with a mixture of cooked hamburger, cabbage, onion and carrot. I didn't really feel like making them, but I had promised so I made them. Yum. Ian ate two of them! I think Colin was pretty happy with them, too!
I did get a nice surprise in the mail today. I received a prize from Lipton tea. I entered a contest they had an eon ago (okay, it was probably this summer) and I won $25. Pretty cool, huh? I love that kind of mail!
After all the cooking today I don't feel like cooking much tomorrow. We'll see what the menu is tomorrow. It might be Fend For Yourself night around here!

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Lisa said...

I love the way apple butter cooking makes my house. I enjoyed my visit here. Take care. Lisa