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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Sounds Around Us

Have you ever really stopped to listen to the sounds around you? All the tiny sounds that if you don't stop to listen to, you never really hear. I did that this morning. I tend to do that when I need to walk the dogs as long as Ian is still in the house. If I have Ian with me, I don't hear the sounds because he is a noisy boy.
So what sounds did I hear? I heard little birds chirping in the field behind my house. They sounded happy to be out flying in the sunshine. I heard the wind blowing through the dry tall grasses and it reminded me of the wind blowing over the prairie back home. I heard the hum of the highway a few miles away reminding me that people are busying going somewhere, even if for today, I'm not. I heard the train blowing its whistle as it roared through town. I heard the large bird that sits up high in an evergreen tree and calls out "mom, mom". It really does sound like that, I've actually thought Ian was calling me before when it was really that bird.
The sounds around us are a reminder that there is life going on all around us. There is beauty in listening to God's creation.

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