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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, the title says it all. Rain. We've got it and plenty of it. Of course if you don't live in the Pacific Northwest you might not understand what I mean when I say rain. You might think, oh a storm with some showers.
Nope. I mean rain. Constant damp drizzling, sometimes sideways, definitely gusty rain. The kind that an umbrella does very little to help you because it's all blowing under the umbrella and coming in at all sides. Yuck!
And I have two doggies that have to be walked. Yuck again! I've only walked one so far this afternoon and am trying to recover enough from the first walk to venture out for the second one.
Poor Dilly, she's been banished to the garage until she can dry off. Buster thinks he'd like to go out, but I'm sure he'll change his mind once we get out there. I walked him this morning when it was only drizzling and he had to keep shaking off while we were walking. I can only imagine how much he's going to love his walk in a total downpour.
Well, I suppose I can't put it off any longer. Wish me luck and pray for sunshine!

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Join the yellow crew on Saturday!