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Friday, February 25, 2011

Some reviews

I'm sure you're waiting anxiously for new recipes.  They're coming, I promise.  Until they're ready I will be featuring some reviews of products and some books, too.  This might surprise you since the majority of my blogging features the gluten and dairy free recipes we use in my house.  But, the blog is called DeAnn's Delights, so please indulge me as I share about some things that delight me.
Today I received a free trial of a new product from Purex.  I had signed up to be one of their "insiders", which basically means I'm a guinea pig for new products and I get to share my opinion on the product with, well, the world.  The new product is a softener for clothes, but it's crystals, not a liquid.  It comes unscented or scented.  I got to choose which I wanted to try for (not everyone got picked to try the product).  I picked the scented product and crossed my fingers that it would be a scent that I like.  The one they sent me is Fresh Spring Waters.  It smells great in the bottle, so good that I had to do a load of laundry.  We'll see what it smells like after it dries.
Here are the features about the product (the promises from the company) that I like:  you can use on towels and they won't lose absorbency, it won't make those flame-retardant jammies become flammable and it isn't oily.  Plus, if you spill it, you can sweep it up!
You can still sign up to be a Purex Insider, just click on the highlighted words and you can sign up.  I don't know if they'll still be sending the crystals out, but they definitely have future promotions coming!
Well, I just put the laundry in the dryer and it smells wonderful!  I think I may have just found a new delight!
Check back soon, next time I'm going to do a review of a line of gluten free products and a gluten free cookbook that goes with the products.  Until next time...
Happy laundry and happy eating!

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