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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Verdict

Dinner is safely tucked into our happy tummies, so now I can share with you how my macaroni and cheese experiment went.  It was great!  Did it taste exactly like the dairy versions I  made in the past?  Well, no, but I didn't expect it to, I just wanted it to taste delicious and it was.  How did it compare to the boxes and all?  Better, in my opinion.  Definitely better Velveeta Shells and cheese (yuck, never liked that stuff).
The Daiya cheese tasted great and it melted (well, mostly melted...probably 98-99%, there were a few unmelted pieces in the cheese sauce when I added it to the macaroni in the casserole dish, but I did not see any unmelted pieces after it baked).
So, the verdict:  this one is a winner!  We will definitely be buying Daiya cheese again (probably will try the mozzarella with pizza next time).
I took pictures and just need to review the recipe before I post it, so keep your eyes open for that recipe coming soon!
Until then.....
Happy Eating!

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