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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Program

The Children's Christmas Program for our church was last night. It went really well. I was able to go even though I've been sick all week. I'm on an antibiotic and I prayed that I wouldn't be coughing the whole time like I have been at home and I didn't! I just coughed a little bit a few times, so I was able to enjoy the program and so did everyone else.
Ian looked very spiffy in his Christmas outfit and he did a great job on his lines. He was pretty nervous about saying his lines, so Colin sat on the steps in front of him to prompt Ian if he needed it. He needed help a few times. He really did have it memorized, but I think being nervous interfered. Here's what he said in the program: Bells. "Who likes to hear bells ring? Aren't bells fun? For centuries church bells in every land have pealed out the glad news of Jesus’ birth. Traditionally, church bells ring for an hour before midnight on Christmas Eve. Bells ring before midnight as if to warn the powers of darkness of the approaching birth of the Lord Jesus. Then, right at midnight, they change to a joyous tune, ringing out the good news that Christ, the Savior, is born!"
Pretty big lines for a six-year-old! Ian's grandma and grandpa O came to the program, too. I know Ian loved having them there! We all had cookies after the program. Then they gave Ian a Christmas train to go around the Christmas tree. Since my tree isn't finished (despite my early beginning) we set up the train in the garage for now. That's all Ian wants to do. Make the train go. Hopefully, I can tear him away soon.

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