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Monday, December 3, 2007

Getting Out

I may not live in Kansas anymore, but I know when to get out of Dodge! We had a very, very bad storm last night. The rain started yesterday morning and the wind just kept increasing until we were having gusts between 50-70 miles per hour. Our power went out at a quarter till midnight. Of course, I was still up trying to get my packing done. Colin set the alarm on his cellphone so he could wake up to go to work.
Colin's alarm went off at 5 am and we started checking to see how we had done during the night. We couldn't see much, so we tried to go back to sleep. Ian woke up shortly later afraid because his night light was off and the wind was howling. We comforted him and gave him a flashlight which seemed to reassure him. We tried sleeping, but that didn't work too well. I called and talked to my mom to let her know how we were doing.
Eventually we decided that Colin should not go to work and that we needed to gather our things up and get going. We had a couple of trees that border our property that fell that Colin will need to deal with when we get home. Our whole county was out of power. Bay City had winds up to 129 miles an hour! As we were preparing to go we got a couple phones calls. One from Colin old boss telling us about a mudslide on Hwy 8 and Hwy 101, and then a phone call from Colin's dad telling us another highway was closed. It looked like all the roads we needed to take north might be closed. We went one way and it was closed, then we tried another way and even though it looked like we were going to be blocked, it turned out that it was being rerouted around flooding. So we made it out of our county and got to Tacoma super early for my Dr. appointment. We were able to go get lunch and even visit a really cool toy store.
I got to the Dr.'s appointment early and was ready to settle in for a little rest, but they called me back 25 minutes before my appointment was scheduled. I got to talk to the Dr. about what has been going on with my body and he had a couple of ideas of what it might be, so I had a couple of tests done. We'll see what they say. After the appointment we headed straight to the motel that we're staying at. I am so glad that we are staying over in Seattle and don't have to fight to get here at 3 in the morning tomorrow. I don't know if we would make it if it came to that. It still sounds windy outside. We are definitely having some wild and wooly weather!
Colin and I were talking after we got to the motel and we just marvelled at God's provision and His timing. We were able to get out at the exact right moment. We were able to make it to my Dr. appointment. We don't have to stay in our house which might not have power for a week. Even the timing with Lucy was perfect. It wasn't what we wanted, but she would be cold and miserable and sick in the dark with our neighbor watching her, that would have been awful. So now we are trusting God's provision for the rest of our trip. May the storm clouds disapate. I'm ready for balmy breezes, not wild wind!

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