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Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, Christmas has been here and gone. We had a nice Christmas. A lot of driving, but nice. We had Christmas Eve with Colin's family at his brother's house and Christmas Day at his parent's house. Ian got Legos so he was extremely happy. He was really cute on Christmas Eve. My mother-in-law bought the new Hallmark singing snowman for me and Ian was very excited for me. I opened it and he said" yeah! You got what you wanted!" Of course, we had to make it play music right then. Ian started laughing and dancing to the music. It was too cute! Colin got a chainsaw so he's ready to chop up everything tree related. I'll have to guard the Christmas tree, even though it's fake! I am getting a kitchen stool/chair for the kitchen similar to what my mom had in the kitchen when I was growing up. No more hollering for Colin to get something down for me, I'll be able to reach on my own.
I did a little after Christmas shopping yesterday and today, but overall, I'm not too impressed with the sales. I found better deals last year. I did find a gift for my niece and my nephew and a little something for Colin, but I had hoped to find more gifts for next year. I love having a head start. I'll keep looking.
Colin had a cold over Christmas and he's still fighting it. He went in to work today (Thursday), but only stayed a few hours. He wasn't the only one sick. His boss was at home sick as were several other coworkers. I think he will stay home on Friday, he needs a lot of rest to kick this thing.
I must say that in spite of my good intentions, I only got a few Christmas cards mailed out. I did find some on the after Christmas sale at Wal-mart and I'm thinking of addressing them now and putting them in the Christmas storage boxes. Then, I'd be halfway done when I get them out next year. Maybe you'll get a card from me next year!

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