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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Home Again

Wow! I can't believe the week went by so fast! We had a great time in Hawaii. I'll give you a little run down of our days there.
Tuesday: We flew to Hawaii, arriving at our hotel in the late afternoon. It had been raining so we just got a little something to eat in our room.
Wednesday: After a very stormy night, we had a rainy morning and stayed in mostly. In the afternoon, Sean and Marisa got married at Magic Island. I took 520 pictures!
Thursday: Another rainy morning. We took Ian to the mall so he could make a Hawaiian bear at Build-a-Bear. I'll post a picture of the bear soon. He is too cute. Together we named him Kona Bear. He has swim trunks, a Hawaiian shirt, sandals, sunglasses and a kukui nut lei.
Friday: We had breakfast at the Shore Bird with Colin's parents. In the evening, we went to the changing of the guard at King's Plaza. After, Colin and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
Saturday: We took a tour of the island with the whole family. We went to the Dole Plantation and rode the pineapple train (a thrill for Ian, who still was talking about the last time he went when he was four). Then we went to a waterfall. We "hiked" up to it. It was a paved path, but it was pretty long and it was really humid! After that we headed to Poli lookout, but ended up stopping at a beach on the way. All the kids except Ian played in the waves. Ian built a sand volcano and had a blast. He still doesn't really like the ocean. Must be something about how big it is. Ian started getting a rash on Saturday. I suspected the new sunscreen I had purchased and put on him.
Sunday: Ian and I stayed in our hotel room all day. He had a bad rash and later developed a fever. I gave him a Benedryl and he rested. By evening, I was the one feeling lousy and running a fever.
Monday: I still didn't feel well, but I forced myself to go do something as it was our last full day in Hawaii. Colin, his mom and I took all the kids to the Honolulu Zoo. We took a limo there, which was fun and helpful since I was not feeling so great. The zoo was really nice and the kids had a great time. I took lots of pictures. We walked to McDonald's for lunch and then very slowly walked back. I was very hot when we got back and decided to go swimming in the pool on the roof of the timeshare. I probably should have checked my temperature first, but didn't. The pool was freezing! Ian went in with me and we played in there for a while. We took Ian to the Japanese steakhouse for dinner. What a blast! Ian loved watching our chef cook the food and he loved the food. This was his first time at a place like this and he thought it was really cool! After dinner we went to the marketplace to exchange a shirt I had purchased. By the time we were heading back I was feeling very lousy. I packed a little for our return trip, but didn't get too far.
Tuesday: I woke up very congested (which I still am). I worked on finishing getting packed and then we went to the Shore Bird for breakfast with everyone to celebrate Marisa's twin boys' tenth birthday. They finally got to try poi, but they weren't too impressed with it! After breakfast, we did some last minute shopping, finished packing and headed to the airport in a limo (in case you are overly impressed with this limo business, they cost about the same as a van shuttle there in Hawaii and it's a lot more comfortable!) and went through the baggage checks. We started going through security when I noticed that I didn't have my camera bag. This led to a track down mission. Colin was pretty sure it was in the limo. Mom and dad called the limo service and they checked and said they didn't have it. Colin told them to check again and then he told them exactly where he thought they should check. It was there. We didn't have time to get it, so it will come back with mom and dad on Thursday. I guess if the trip out had to be eventful, so did the trip back!
I had a great time in Hawaii, but I'm glad to be home, mostly because I don't feel very well and who wants to be away from home when you feel lousy? Not me! Ian was so tired when we got home that he went to bed in the clothes he had been wearing and was out in about 2 seconds! Well that's it for me for right now. Aloha!

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