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Saturday, December 1, 2007

December Snow

We got up this morning and headed out to Ian's Christmas program practice. We about halfway there when I noticed some very tiny snowflakes. By the time we got to church, it was snowing steadily and there was a little sticking to the ground.
Practice took about an hour and when we came out there was at least an inch of snow on the ground. We headed home and were almost home when I decided that Ian needed a sled, so we turned around and went to our local hardware store. Hooray! They had sleds and they had just the kind I wanted for Ian, a round disc shaped sled, perfect for sledding down our big ditch.
After we got home I helped Ian get all bundled up and we headed out to the ditch. I explained how he should sit and gave a few pointers. I helped him the first time, then I explained how he could scooch the sled forward until it was ready to go down the hill.
He went down the hill over and over, laughing all the way down each time. He had a blast!
Right now the snow has stopped, I don't know if we'll have more snow or if it will melt, but watching Ian go sledding was so much fun!

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