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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Long Road To Being Well

Well, I'm still working on getting better. I've been taking my antibiotic so some of my back pain has gone away. I'm still having pain that comes and goes, I never know when it will start hurting. So I still have a couple of tests to get. Friday I will get an ultrasound of my kidneys to know whether I have kidney stones or not. I also have an MRI of my spine scheduled, although I doubt that they will find anything, but at least I'll know for certain, I hope!
One thing that is no longer hurting my back is walking the dog. Colin was talking to a lady who might be in his van pool (whenever that happens, until then, he's on the bus). She started talking about her dog and so he talked about our dog and it turns out we both have Airedales and Dilly's daddy and their dog came from the same breeder, so they might be cousins. Colin started talking about how Dilly likes to pull and she said that her dog did that until she got a head collar for him. So we bought one called a Halti. Man, I love that thing! Dilly can't pull. Well, she can try, but if she does, it turns her head to the side and she stops pulling. It is a joy to walk her now. We actually look forward to it! I didn't realize how badly walking her when she was pulling made me feel until she stopped.
So, while I am trying to feel better, I heard some bad news about my neighbor. We were out weeding and watering the garden and Mr. Neighbor was outside working. He got to talking to Colin and told us that Mrs. Neighbor is sick. She has Alzheimer's. I don't know if they've known this for a long time and just haven't mentioned it or if they recently found this out. I'm sad because she is such a sweet lady and Ian just loves her. I'm not sure how old Mrs. Neighbor is, Mr. Neighbor is either 81 or 82 and I think she's a little bit younger.
Well, it's late. I know I had more things to say, but I can't think of them right now. Take care!

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