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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Creative Breakfast

Well this week I am fighting allergies and sinusitis. Not much fun. It makes me very tired and my family copes as best they can. Take this morning for instance, I got up and my nose was so snuffy that I headed straight to the shower (warm steam helps). Ian got up about the same time and decided to watch Curious George while I showered. At some point he decided he was hungry and decided to take care of getting some breakfast for himself. I know this because he announced it to me when I was finished getting ready.
I came into the living room and he said 'I was hungry so I got 2 dried plums out of the frig.' I said okay and told him that was a pretty good choice, healthy. Then he told me 'I had some blueberries, too, but I saved you one.' I went and looked and sure enough, my $5 package of blueberries had one berry left. He really meant it when he said he saved me one!

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