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Saturday, June 30, 2007


It was sort of a chore day around here today. I vacuumed and washed all our bedding and tidied up the house a bit. Colin ran some errands and bought a pool for us to play in. It's one of those pools that expand as you add water, it even has a filter pump with it. We just need to get a cover for it so it stays fairly clean. Colin cleaned all our windows on the outside and I cleaned some of them on the inside. Our house is actually clean. It has been clean for at least one week. I mean really clean, not sort of clean. It's amazing. Ian is even motivated to pick up and keep the house looking nice. I'm not sure what has caused this motivation. The newly painted walls? The new tables?? Whatever it is, I'm glad. I LOVE my house like this! It's clean enough to have people I don't know well over and I wouldn't be embarrassed.
Colin had to get in the pool after he got done cleaning windows. He now agrees that we should get the solar cover for the pool. The water was freezing. I took pictures! I'll try to post one in the next couple of days.

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