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Friday, June 29, 2007

This Week

This week has gone by very quickly for me. Monday started with a surprise, I didn't have to go to work, as the boys were suffering from the tummy flu. So I got to stay home in my nice clean house. I am trying to convince Ian that we enjoy the house being clean and that he can help by keeping his toys picked up. It's going pretty well so far.
Tuesday was errand day. We went to Aberdeen, had lunch at McDonald's, went to Wal-mart, the park and Top Foods for groceries. I am starting to recognize some familiar faces in Top Foods. Of course, I recognize the manager, he's our neighbor. There's a lady in the deli department that we've seen almost every time we've been in there. I think she's starting to recognize us, too, thanks to Ian. As soon as I get near the deli, he turns into this whiny, obnoxious thing, trying to get the deli worker's attention so that he might get a "sample" of ham. He starts quietly and usually ends by cupping his hands around his mouth and saying very loudly," Hey! I would like a sample. I want a sample." The whole time I am shushing him and telling him to behave and then here comes the very sweet deli lady with either a half or whole slice of ham in her properly gloved hand asking me if it's okay for Ian to have it. Of course, I say 'yes', not because my ill behaved child deserves it, but because the lady is being very nice.
Tuesday night I signed up to be a Home Show Specialist for At Home America, which is a company that sells candles and cool things to decorate your house with. As soon as I set up my web page for it, I'll post a link on here so you can look at it. You can even order off of it, if you find something you like.
Wednesday was work and we went to visit Ian's grandma and got to go swimming at Aunt Peggy's pool. Don't get too excited here, it was almost a polar bear swim. It hasn't been that hot here and I think the water was about 71 or 72 degrees. BRRRRRR!!!
Thursday, I rode into town with Colin. It made it possible to transport the yummy macaroni salad I had made for a potluck at Colin's work. We put it on ice in the cooler. After I dropped off my husband and the macaroni salad, Ian and I headed to Group Health so I could get back to my allergy shots. Unfortunately, I had been sick so long that all the allergy stuff had expired. I hadn't been in for 7 weeks. Sinusitis and tummy flu. So I had to start all over again, what a bummer!
After my shot, I went to my friend Dottie's house. You never know what's going on at Dottie's and yesterday was no exception. I got there and found out that she was just ready to go out on an errand. She invited me along so we all piled into her Suburban and headed out. I got to go along with her as she picked up some antique school desks, took her kids to swimming lessons, lunch, visited Old Navy, Linens-n-Things and a grocery store. What an afternoon! If you really want to appreciate the fun we had, you must know that we had 4 children with us. It was fun in spite of some small people's attitude's from time to time. Ian was very upset when his poor choices in Old Navy led to no new shirt for him. He begged and pleaded, but he knew why he couldn't get a shirt. He told me that he couldn't keep the "bad ideas" in the garbage long enough, they kept coming out. He did quite a bit better at Linens-n-Things and was able to have a tiny piece of candy as a reward for good behavior.
Last night when I was putting Ian to bed, I noticed he had a rash on his chest and tummy and it was still there this morning, so we're going to have the doctor look at it this afternoon. Hopefully, we can figure out what it is.

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