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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dressed in Our Finest Attire

Sunday morning Ian woke us up around 5 am. Too early to be up, so we went back to sleep only to awaken at 8:15 in a panic to get ready for church. We all hustled to get dressed quickly. We gave Ian some nice clothes to put on to go with his nice new shoes for church. Colin's parents were coming for lunch so I quickly put the food in the crockpot and we dashed out the door to get to Sunday School.
We were fifteen minutes late. We dropped Ian off for his class and headed to our class. After our class Colin picked up Ian so he could be with us in the sanctuary until it was time for Children's church. We sang songs and listened to the announcements and then we were listening to a presentation by a member of the Gideons. Ian was, of course wiggly during the presentation. He had finally settled down so I could listen to the man speaking. I happened to glance down at Ian at just the right moment and I noticed a button on his pants. I thought it seemed strange to see a button on the front of his pants. Then I realized (in the middle of the nice man's presentation) Ian had his pants on backwards! I had a silent giggle fit. He had gone to Sunday School with his pants on backwards and as far as I knew, no one had noticed! I pointed this out to Colin who joined me in a silent chuckle. He decided to take Ian out of the service and to the bathroom for a quick wardrobe adjustment. I giggled silently a little more when Ian stood up and turned around. Poor boy. Not only were his pants on backwards, the zipper was unzipped, too. They were buttoned at the waist which tells me that he left them buttoned when he put them on because I know he didn't reach to the back and button his pants!
In our defense I can only say that we were rushed, the boy dressed himself and he had a baggy shirt that was not tucked in. I don't think anyone else noticed!