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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Should get Paid Overtime

The tooth fairy is going to be busy at my house tonight! This morning Ian was having one of his creative breakfasts (read: he was up before mommy and decided he was hungry and would take care of it himself). He was eating baby carrots (a healthy, yet odd choice at 7:30 in the morning) and when he bit down one of his loose teeth came out. He came and told me. "Hey, mom! I lost a tooth, but it's okay, I put it in a bag." That was pretty low maintenance for me, he did it all himself.
So far, Ian has had an interesting experience when it comes to losing teeth. He's now lost one to an apple, a slice of pizza and a baby carrot. Daddy has helped pull a couple and I myself have "pulled" one out. I'm not really sure pulled is the right term to use. I was checking his tooth to see how lose it was and I wiggled it toward me and it fell out. That was this winter, I think.
Well, we were ready for the tooth fairy to visit. It was just about time for Ian to go to bed. We sent him to brush his teeth. He returned shortly to tell us that he just lost the other loose tooth while he was brushing his teeth. So now he's lost one to a toothbrush. Just in case you're worried, he didn't swallow it. Both teeth are in a Ziploc bag under his pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to pay him!
By the way, he knows who the tooth fairy is. After he lost his first tooth today he told me that daddy was going to have to cash out at the bank today so the tooth fairy could pay him!

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