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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Be Still

Be still and know that I am God.
Have you heard that verse? I know I've heard it many times. I've heard sermons on it. Be still. I have a problem with that. Being still. I try, I really do, but I am a 'sign me up, that sounds like fun' kind of girl. So what do I do? Instead of being still, I send myself in a million different directions thinking it will be wonderful. It is wonderful as I start in one direction, but then I add in all the other and suddenly I am reminded that I can't do everything. Honestly, that should be my motto when I'm thinking about signing up for something new...I can't do everything, I can't do everything, I can't do everything. When I try to do everything, I get lost. My mind can't hold all the details because there are so many. I get bogged down in the process of being that I forget to be still and to really listen to God.
There's a good reason the verse doesn't say 'hurry up and know I am God' or 'pause for a minute or two and know I am God'. You can't get to know someone that way. Maybe you've tried. Have you met someone before and thought 'I'd like to know them better' ?
Did you spend a minute every other week or two getting to know them or did it take time together to really get to know them?? I know for me, it takes time to get to know someone.
So while I am busy with all these great things that I signed up to do (mostly for Ian), I am losing precious time. Time to be still. Right now, I thirst for that. Thankfully, it isn't too far away. The overscheduled schedule is starting to clear. It won't be long until it's easier to breathe, to think, to be still.
How about you? Have you ever been still enough for God to reach you? For you to know He is God? The Bible says we have no excuse not to know Him, His handiwork is everywhere around us. Be still and know that He is God.

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