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Thursday, October 25, 2007

His Loving kindness

Last night I went to my Bible study, even though I was tired and I hadn't gotten my homework done. I really wanted to skip, but I didn't. I'm so glad I didn't. First, I was able to ask them to pray for me and whatever this weirdness is that's going on with me right now.
Second, while we were going over the Bible study lesson there were two great questions. The first one was what has happened in your life that if someone had told you would happen, you wouldn't have believed them. I have several of those. Surviving cancer, meeting my husband on the internet (ha! even the internet would have been unbelievable several years ago), moving away from Kansas and now owning a house. All those things seemed impossible, but God made them happen.
The second question was about where do you see God's loving kindness in your life directing you or leading you? Sort of God's hand in your life. That one I can look back at my family and marvel that I am here. On my dad's side there are three soldiers in three generations. My dad's grandpa was in WWI. My dad's dad (my grandfather) was a marine in WWII, he was a flamethrower (they didn't have a high life expectancy during that job) and my dad was a marine in Vietnam ( a machine gunner, they also had a very poor life expectancy during that job). So just on my dad's side three soldiers had to survive terrible wars for me to be here. That's pretty amazing.
I was thinking about the same thing for Ian's life and it's even more amazing. He has the same soldiers as me plus both Colin's grandfathers were in WWII and one was also in Korea. Then you have to add that I had to survive cancer and not go into menopause from the chemotherapy. Plus meeting his daddy over an internet connection.
I marvel that people can believe that life is random and just happens. I look at my life and my family history and I can see God guiding. Do you see His guidance over the steps of your life, too?

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