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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Paperweight Roars To Life

We have had a rather large paperweight sitting outside our home for the past ten months. It has sat there as a testament to my husband's procrastination. If you saw our paperweight you might have called it a van. I called it a paperweight because it would not move.
It all started last December. Colin's 1989 van decided to stop running. He figured it was the starter. I figured he would fix it. We were both right, only it took ten months for him to get to it. I asked him why it took so long. He told me he was waiting for a sunny day. Now I know it's cloudy and rainy out here quite a bit, but rest assured, yesterday was not the first sunny day that we've had since December. It was at least the third or fourth sunny day since December. Just kidding!! You mid-westerners will just have to trust me on that one!
Well, to fix the van, Colin had borrowed some ramps to get the van up on. He asked me to help push the van up there. That didn't work, so he found a neighbor to help. That didn't work and then a neighbor was driving by and offered to help. That worked too well. Colin thought that the van would "settle in" once it got up to the top and just stop on its own. Wrong. He also didn't think to say put on the brake (I was steering the van). The van finally made it to the top of the ramp and went right over making the van high center on the ramps. Then Colin did what I had suggested might be easier about 45 minutes before the ramp episode, he went and got a jack and some blocks or something like that. He put in a new starter and the paperweight roared to life. Hooray!
You know, Nick at Nite has recently started airing reruns of Home Improvement. The ramp fiasco sure looks like it could have come straight from that show. I think Colin has been watching it too much and it rubbed off!

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