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Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to Normal??

After all the vacation and holiday celebrations life is settling down and we are getting back to normal. Whatever normal is. Ian is back to doing school work even though he has protested many times that he would rather play. Tough luck, there are a lot of fun things I'd like to do, too, but I live in reality. Sometimes there are things that we have to do before we can do the fun stuff.
Speaking of normal, I'm still trying to figure out why I'm tired and my hair is falling out. This week I went to a pulmonary/sleep specialist to see if maybe my sleep is causing me to be tired. They're going to do a sleep study to see. At least I'll get to do that in my house. I can't imagine getting a good sleep study in a hospital or clinic, too much going on.
I got some of my medical records from when I had my surgery to remove my tumor in '95. Those were interesting to read. The part of my tumor that they could remove was weighed and it weighed about 150 grams. Weird.
We had AWANA this week and Bible study. Tumbling starts back next week, but I'm not sure we're going. I know Ian wants to go to Homeschool sports and I'm tired of taking him places three days a week in a row. So we might just do AWANA and homeschool sports. Pretty soon it will be time to sign up for T-ball. Time just flies sometimes.
We are planning our next vacation already. I am very excited. We're going to Colorado. We're going to stay with my parents and my brother and his family for a week in a cabin in the mountains. This will be Ian's first time to drive for a vacation. He's always flown where we are going. We're going the end of June so it should be absolutely beautiful. I can hardly wait!

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