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Friday, March 14, 2008

And The Winner Is......Ian!!

This Wednesday at AWANA they had green night. That's where the kids dress in lots of green and the kids with the most green (voted on by their peers) get a prize. I had asked Ian if he wanted to go all out for green day and he said 'yes'. So at least three weeks prior to green day I started gathering green things.
I knew Ian had a green shirt, but that wasn't enough so we went to the store and got another green shirt and green sweatpants. I found a green visor and green shamrock stickers, so we got those, too. I looked for green face paint and green balloons, but I didn't find any, so they went on my list to look for at every store I went to.
Later, I found a cool green Leprechaun hat at Target and I finally did locate face paint and green balloons and I had also purchased some green shamrock garland. We definitely had a full load of green items.
So green day arrived and I had Ian dress in his green shirt and green pants. While he was doing that I took his other green shirt (which was a button down shirt) and safety pinned green balloons to the back (6 in all). Then, I painted Ian's face green (he still looks slightly green today, two days later). I put green stickers on his tennis shoes and on his balloons and pants. After we put on his second shirt, I wrapped the garland around the balloons and fastened it on with some safety pins. Then we topped off his outfit with two balloons on his knees (one for each) and the visor and hat on top of his head. He looked like a strange, slightly deranged Leprechaun (in a cute sort of way).
Guess what???! He won (I know, that doesn't really surprise you as I pretty much announced that in the title and you just read how much green he was actually wearing), he was so excited. He chose 5 AWANA bucks for his prize.
On the way home that night he told me that he was pretty sure God helped him win to make up for the fact that he hadn't gotten clubber of the month. I'm glad he won. It's not easy being green!

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